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The Home of Koral Hamburg

F.C. Starkweather Store

This building at 12 North Third Street was built as a hotel circa 1875 by Fred Haverland. Notice it is probably built in two sections as you can see the two halves do not meet. Later the building was owned (1910) by Fred C. Starkweather who ran a grocery store on the left side and an ice cream parlor and soda fountain on the right side. His brother, Will assisted him in the business. They delivered grocery orders by horse and wagon. When they realized automobiles were going to be used they put in a gas pump. In 1916, two gallons of gas cost $.54. The Starkweather store closed about 1950.

Other businesses in the building have been BonBar named for two daughters Bonnie and Barbara, Howard’s, Herb’s and Henry’s Variety and then the famous Koral Hamburg. The right side of the building has housed a barber shop, beauty shop, State Farm insurance office, Oliver Pray Antique and a bakery. The Village Barber Shop was operated by Lyman Sheely during the time Herb’s was on the other side. Herb Bauman bought the Henry’s Variety, took over the business on January 1, 1968 and owned that as Herb’s Variety until he sold out in 1974.

Koral Hamburg was originally founded in Maumee in 1942 by Andrew Koralewski. (Note where the name originated!) He bought the business that had been operating on River Road across from Fort Miami since 1926. Candy and Vince Flaggert brought Koral in 1985 to Waterville.  Later in 1998 Jay and Melody Surdasky purchased the building and gave the interior a 1950/60s theme look. They closed the business in 2015 for the last time but retained ownership of the Koral name. Recently they have gone in to the Koral Hamburg Food Concession Trailer business and the original cook is still making the famous hamburgers in their food truck that all in Waterville will remember. Emily Surdasky is the Marketing agent.  When former residents come back to Waterville the first thing they ask about is the Koral Hamburg. They have a website at www.koralhamburg.com.  Koral holds a special place in memory for those that grew up in Waterville. At present time the building houses Clayful Arts and they have an ice cream shop on the other side.



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