Waterville Historical Society

your connection to the past

The Waterville Historical Society collects, preserves, provides access to, interprets and fosters an appreciation of history that has an impact on the Waterville, Ohio and surrounding area.

Benefits of Waterville Historical Society Membership

•    Celebrate our growing legacy that is now 50 years in the making.
•    Instill pride in our community by helping us preserve and share Waterville’s colorful past.
•    Help ensure that Waterville’s past is preserved for future generations (your children and grandchildren!) 
•    Continue to collect, protect, and hold valuable local artifacts donated to WHS. 
•    Learn about our area’s rich history by attending our free programs and enjoy the fellowship and free refreshments.
•    Invest in our future by helping maintain our museums, beautiful grounds, dynamic programs and exciting events. 
•    Continue free admission to our Robbins and Sargent house museums and Wakeman Archival Research Center.
•    Assist guests who study their family’s genealogy in the Archival Research Center by keeping the center properly organized and maintained.
•    Help keep our utilities on, grass cut, repairs made, and routine maintenance done.
•    Discover the rewards of joining our growing corps of enthusiastic, engaged, and energetic volunteers. 
•    Gift a unique present (the PAST!) to your family/friends this holiday season.
•    Enjoy a yearly tax incentive. 
•    Know that 100% of your donations go to WHS programs and facilities!


P.O. Box 263,  Waterville, OH  43566            whs43566@outlook.com

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