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The Waterville Historical Society collects, preserves, provides access to, interprets and fosters an appreciation of history that has an impact on the Waterville, Ohio and surrounding area.

Item Donations

Donations to Wakeman Archival Center need to be items from Waterville or the surrounding area. We accept family genealogies, obits, news articles on families, pictures of families labeled, businesses formerly in Waterville and present. It could be articles, objects from the business, stationery, ledgers, history of Waterville to present, canal and military history, historical survey of homes, history of your home, clubs, etc. If unsure of the material you want to give us, ask one of the archival staff. We will gladly look at your items for consideration. We will copy any of the pictures that you want to keep and return the original.
Donations to the museums must have a Waterville connection and be approved by the curators of each of the buildings. If items are donated to WHS, a deed of gift is required for each of the items which gives us ownership. Officers of WHS are not allowed to appraise items donated. If you need an appraiser for tax purposes, you are required to have an appraiser that is not associated with WHS.

A few of the items donated in 2016 to the Wakeman Archival Research Center 

Mae Hutchinson scrapbooks

Photographs of the Partying in the Parking Lot of First National Bank

Anthony Wayne School (1950-1995) by Becky Jacobs

Civil War Journal of Corp. Andrew M. Trapp of  Co. F.  100th O.V. I.

Perrysburg Village Voices: Hometown Stories of the Past, by Richard Baranowski

Potograph of Droessler's Meat market with George Droessler behind meat counter

Toledo Blade Souvenior Postcard, dated January 3, 1907

Genealogy booklets of the Jasper Gunn and Nathaniel Gunn families

Wakeman Lodge photographs of members

Lyon Family Genealogy and photographs of tombstones of the Lyon Cemetery, Middleton Twp.

Ohio History Inventory updated in 2005 for Waterville Main Street Grant

Menu from the Columbian House

Walbolt Genealogy booklets

History of the Walbolt/Farnsworth Families

"Prairie Winds" by Snowfeather

Haskins Family items from Moulton Family

Waterville Primary School 2015-2016 yearbook

Waterville United Methodist Church Sesquicentennial plate

Handbooks of Beta Sigma Phi and 19 booklets from the group

Christmas ornament of the Columbian House, 1991

Waterville School  The Beaver Tale, 1950 annual which covers grades 1-12

Lucas County Street & Road Atlas 1966

Lucas-Wood Counties Official Farm Plat Book and Directory

Quart jar of Montmorency Cherries from Frank Farnsworth Farm, packed in 1961

Water-Log 1931-1932, Vol. 2 (1 through 18)

Playbill for Wateville Sr. Class Play called "Sammy"

Autoraph book of Lily J. Stotts with name cards of each of the 1932 graduates

Waterville High School Diploma for Ernest Wintersteen, 

Waterville class pictures 1914

Shop of Siebert photographs

Photographs produced by Howard Krause

Great Black Swamp III, by Jim Mollenkopf

Charles Weigel photograph

"An Annotated Listing of Ojibwa Chiefs 1690-1890," by John A. Ilk

The Ohio's Canals, by Frank W. Trevorrow

Lowell Hinkle's Masonic Bible

Flo Bennet certificate of achievement from the Ohio Teachers Reading Circle

items from the Beatrice Disher Tullis family

postcards of building the Ohio Electric Bridge




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