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The Waterville Historical Society collects, preserves, provides access to, interprets and fosters an appreciation of history that has an impact on the Waterville, Ohio and surrounding area.

Item Donations

Donations to Wakeman Archival Center need to be items from Waterville or the surrounding area. We accept family genealogies, obits, news articles on families, pictures of families labeled, businesses formerly in Waterville and present. It could be articles, objects from the business, stationery, ledgers, history of Waterville to present, canal and military history, historical survey of homes, history of your home, clubs, etc. If unsure of the material you want to give us, ask one of the archival staff. We will gladly look at your items for consideration. We will copy any of the pictures that you want to keep and return the original.
Donations to the museums must have a Waterville connection and be approved by the curators of each of the buildings. If items are donated to WHS, a deed of gift is required for each of the items which gives us ownership. Officers of WHS are not allowed to appraise items donated. If you need an appraiser for tax purposes, you are required to have an appraiser that is not associated with WHS.

Some of the items donated in 2018 to the Wakeman Archival Research Center 

Partial List of donations: Over 185 items received

Kim Wah Restaurant menu

Peter Ullrich Harness Shop photograph

1972 Anthony Wayne Trailblazer

Waterville High School photos of 1940 play

Waterville High School photograph of 1940 Spring Recital

Scrapbook by Lovell Elliott, the printer, of his work

Punched tin foot warmer

S.T.E.A.M. Waterville Primary year book

Burrough adding machine hand operated

Numerous canal photographs

Numerous books on Canals

Book: ”Stories I Want My Grandchildren to Know” by Ernest H. Ferrell, Sr.

“Maumee Valley, Toledo and the Sandusky Region” published 1929 – 4-set volume

Framed painting of the old Waterville School given to David W. Hilborn

Memorial plate “Waterville School 1989”

Lucas County Plat Map – 1924

One Gallon jug with label “Farnsworth Fresh Sweet Cider”

Grace Walbolt Waterville High School Diploma

Waterville High School yearbook 1922

High School Certificate for Grace Walbolt

W.H.S. graduation class of 1923 photo

Certificate of promotion to High School for Grace Walbolt

“A History of Northwest Ohio” Vol. 1, 2, and 3, by Winter and Nevin

Books: “The Confluence,” “A History of Jonathan Alden” and “Ghost Hunting, Ohio”

Directory of Waterville Residents c.1980

Postcard of the Pumpkin Vine

Frame print of the Columbian House by Artist, Gerald C. Hill

Village of Waterville puzzle

Tuttle-Fowler information

Marriage Certificate of Elmer Tuttle & Della Ray 1906

Iris Tuttle Baptismal Certificate 1910

Iris Tuttle High School diploma 1926

“I Hear Tell” Stories about Whitehouse, Ohio submitted by Members & Friends

Aerial photo view of the George F. Sherer farm

Arrowheads found on farm owned by Clarence Vollmar

1956 Kindergarten diploma from Waterville school

One mule shoe and one ox shoe

Shulfelt family information

Miltonville papers

Marriage License of Geo. J. Walbolt and Harriette Earl

Walbolt family information

Heinz Vinegar Bottle #111 (1905-1923)

Anthony Wayne School booklets

Baptismal Certificate for Carolina Ullrich, daughter of Peter and Sophia (Schneider)

John Hoot and Melissa Weaver marriage license & certificate

Parke Detweiler and Martha Hoot marriage license and certificate

Numerous family information and pictures from the Strayer family

Waterville Fire Department picture -1910

C.D. of World War II newsreels

1927 Waterville 3rd grade class

Thirty-two books of Wood County Records, by the Wood County Genealogical Society

Dinnerware from the Toledo Welfare Farm (Workhouse)

Four bookcases for the Wakeman Archival Research Center



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