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The Waterville Historical Society collects, preserves, provides access to, interprets and fosters an appreciation of history that has an impact on the Waterville, Ohio and surrounding area.

Item Donations

Donations to Wakeman Archival Center need to be items from Waterville or the surrounding area. We accept family genealogies, obits, news articles on families, pictures of families labeled, businesses formerly in Waterville and present. It could be articles, objects from the business, stationery, ledgers, history of Waterville to present, canal and military history, historical survey of homes, history of your home, clubs, etc. If unsure of the material you want to give us, ask one of the archival staff. We will gladly look at your items for consideration. We will copy any of the pictures that you want to keep and return the original.
Donations to the museums must have a Waterville connection and be approved by the curators of each of the buildings. If items are donated to WHS, a deed of gift is required for each of the items which gives us ownership. Officers of WHS are not allowed to appraise items donated. If you need an appraiser for tax purposes, you are required to have an appraiser that is not associated with WHS.

Some of the items donated in 2017 to the Wakeman Archival Research Center 


·Photo of Conrad’s Garage 1951-1963 next door to Graf building

·Photo of J.L. Metclf Oil/Conrad’s Garage on Farnsworth Road across from old fire station

· Jacob W. Rupp Calendar for 1913

·Photo of Bud Bauman and John Weinrick at Waterville B.P. Gas Station

·Narcotic Identification Guide distributed by the Waterville Police Department when located at 140 S. River Road, Waterville

· Twenty-one Trade Cards for Lions Coffee, Woolson Spice Co., Toledo, OH

·Eleven other Misc. Trade Cards for Grain Drills for C.W. McColley of Tontogany, Ohio, Clermont Cooking Stoves

·Two Trade Cards for Michigan Stove Company advertising the Garland Stoves

·The Youth’s Companion Calendar published by Perry Mason and Co. for the years 1898,1900, 1901,1902,1903,1905,1906 and 1911

·Photograph of Waterville Cheerleaders for 1959 Football season with “W” on their sweat-shirts

·Douglas Graf’s navy uniform, ribbons

·Ellsworth Graf’s purple heart medal

·Four scrapbooks created by Elizabeth Lederer Jacobs

·Information on the Waterville Electric Power Plant

·Waterville's Jr. Hi School Sports Letter

·Waterville Primary yearbook for 2017

·First Grade Certificate of Waterville High School Record for Frank Walbolt

·Waterville High School diploma for Frank Walbolt

·Photo of Waterville Elementary School 1969-1970, Primary IV

·300 postcards pertaining to WW I and other items pertaining to Albert Graf time in France

·Photo of the Pumpkin Vine R.R. stuck in the ice near Turkey Foot Rock

·Photo of Turkey Foot Rock located on the river side of the road before being moved across the road

·1931 Diploma for Maxine Bradshaw and graduation announcements for Maxine and Romana Bradshaw for 1931 and 1932, collection of Sr. Class name cards

·Diploma for Lily Stotts, class of 1932

Beaver Tales 1950 of Waterville High School

Stereoscope: Keystone View Co. Meadville, PA, Pat, April 12, 1904

Around the World with a "Camera Special War Edition Photographs," copyright 1919 and other military books

Photograph of Cora N. (VanFleet) Spencer of Waterville, German Lutheran Church on 2nd St.

Vollmar/Barnes family memorabilia including discharge certificate of Wm Barnes from Civil War,  Will papers of Joseph Barnes and other misc. items

1956 AWHS Class Reunion papers

WW II Army enlisted uniform of Bernard M. Utz

Books on the "Perrysburg's Hydraulic Canal (1836-1940)" and "Bridges at the Foot of the Rapids" by Gary Franks

Twelve stereoscope views of the Maumee River by Bill Albert

Two Huebner Toledo Brewery bottles

AW  Marching Band raincoat 

History of Northwest Ohio

Photo of Carlie Conrad

Canal Bench from the Miami and Erie Canal days

Cemetery deed for James R. Hall descendant of Newell Hall




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