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Gold Star Mother's Day September 24, 2017

Gold Star Mother’s Day (September 24th this year) is observed in the United States on the last Sunday in September to honor our Gold Star Mothers. A Gold Star mother is a mother who has lost a son or daughter in active service of the United States Armed Forces. When a service person was on active duty, people would put a service flag in their window with blue stars for the number of family members in service. Then a service flag with a gold star denoted a family member had been killed while serving in the Armed Forces regardless of whether the circumstances of death involved hostile conflict or not. The practice started during World War I but a National organization of Gold Star Mothers was organized in 1928 which formalized the rules for membership and displaying the gold star service flag.

The Whitehouse American Legion Post 384 is looking for all Gold Star Mothers that are buried in the Anthony Wayne area. Those that been found in the Wakeman Cemetery are: Anna Sarah (Fischer) Noward, mother of Delvin Noward; Lydia (Studer) Christman, mother of Emery Christman; Evelyn Mae Kibbe Hussey, mother of Robert W. Infalt; Winnifred M. Buehler, mother of Conrad J. Buehler; Mary Helen Huebner, mother of Terry Lee Huebner, Agnes Graf, mother of Elsworth Graf; Bessie (Cobb) Waffle, mother of Leroy A. Waffle and Ella V. Campbell Gourley Fisher, mother of Robert Clark Gourley. Are there others that we have missed? Please send the information to the Waterville Historical Society.

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