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Marjorie "Midge" Bucher Shufelt Campbell -- Waterville Historian

                Marjorie "Midge" Campbell

   Midge was one of our early historians. She amassed a large amount of information on families in the local area, Waterville area homes, plus history of her family. She also worked with other relatives of the Gunn and Isham families. She originally wanted to be an architect but in her day this was not a “woman’s job” and probably could not get a job in this field. This did not stop her from drawing plans for homes or remodeling homes. She restored three homes in the Waterville area.

   What Midge is most admired and remembered for here at the Wakeman Archives was her detailed research of families, homes, cemetery, etc. It seems that everything she touched she wrote down on 5 x 7 cards to await someone needing help in researching their family. What is great about these cards is that she always gives the source of the information; many times deed book and page number or who gave her the information. At one time she was a freelance writer for the Toledo Blade and Anthony Wayne Standard on the history of Waterville. Later she used these articles for her book Watervillore which was published just before she died. This volume is no longer in print but many copies exist. Many of the items in this book are about early Waterville settlers but they are also her early family relatives.

   All of her research is now located at the Toledo Lucas County Library at the Local History Department on the third floor. Anyone can view these many boxes by asking and signing a research paper for the Midge Campbell Collection #130. The Archives has a copy of the index that you can check out before making a trip to the library to see if there are things that you might want to view.

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