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The Presbyterian Church dedicated in 1856, was built at the corner of North Street and River Road.  Some of the early families that attended were: the Van Fleet’s, Reed’s, Ward’s, Dodd’s, Hutchinson’s, Latcham’s and Ballou’s.  The Presbyterians eventually built a new church “up the hill” on Farnsworth Road.

Frank Bucher opened the Bucher Motor Sales in the old Presbyterian Church on North River Road. He sold Model T Fords and in later years Nashes. He was not in business at this location very long, as one day as he was driving back from Toledo he realized something was wrong. He could not see the church spire as he approached Waterville. It had burned to the ground. A local newspaper reported on November 30, 1922, that the fire was caused by a defective flue. The fire was discovered at 1:30 p.m. when the whole front part of the roof was on fire. The fire department tried to save it but the timbers were so dry having stood there over 50 years. The building was built as a church but was abandoned due to a struggling existence and was used as a sheep pen for some time. The building was sold to P.W. Bales who opened a picture show in it until prevented from operating it by the Insurance Department. It was then sold to Price Day who opened up a Garage and Ford Sales agency which proved successful. Mr. Day and Mr. Bucher were the owners of the garage and after the fire Mr. Bucher opened for business at another location at 218 Mechanic Street.

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