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The Waterville Historical Society collects, preserves, provides access to, interprets and fosters an appreciation of history that has an impact on the Waterville, Ohio and surrounding area.

Here are our 2015 Officers and Board Members

Jim Conrad

President: Jim Conrad, has served masterfully in his first year as 2014 board President. As chairman of the 50th Anniversary Planning Committee, he has worked diligently with his team to create a terrific series of monthly programs for our yearlong celebration. Jim conducts many of the summer walking tours of the historic district as well as for Waterville Third Graders. He has given programs on historical topics for the society and other organizations.

Jim Stoma

Jim Stoma

1st Vice-President: Jim Stoma, currently serving in this position, has worked to develop the Waterville Historical Society Foundation, continued to serve as caretaker of WHS campus buildings, and begun program planning for 2015.

Rose Kandik

2nd Vice-President: Rose Kandik, currently serving in this position, in addition to her duties as the annual membership chairperson and the Roche De Boeuf “Pioneer Arts’ coordinator, has assumed responsibilities for the society’s newsletter and enjoyed involvement in the development of the new WHS website.

Kathy Saco

Recording Secretary:  Kathy Saco, former corresponding secretary, co-chair of the “Pioneer Arts” activities for Roche de Boeuf festival, docent for the Robbins House and active participant on the Board will assume recording secretary responsibilities for 2015. She has been actively and creatively involved in the 50th anniversary planning and work.

Elaine Blackwood

Corresponding Secretary: Elaine Blackwood, has been a real asset in this position during the past year, her first year on the board, and has offered to continue to serve for 2015. She has also assisted as co- chairman of the 2015 Christmas Dinner.

At large seats on the Board of Directors serving for three years (2015 through 2017):

Scott Duncan has worked tirelessly on many historical society functions over the past years from managing the Society’s ice cream fundraisers and parking at the Wakeman building for the Roche de Boeuf festival, to volunteering his skills in restoration and cleanup of buildings and grounds. 

Frank Butwin, a participant on the 50th Anniversary Planning Committee has enjoyed re-enacting as our own ‘General Anthony Wayne’ at numerous functions. Frank is active in many area historical organizations and brings knowledge and experience to the Waterville board.

Gary Waugh

Board members currently serving three year terms:

Treasurer: Gary Waugh has updated the books for the historical society with spread- sheet information that is presented monthly. He handles the mail, pays bills and keeps the board apprised of its financial status. He was instrumental in planning for the WHS Foundation as well as the ability to pay for a variety of donations through the website.

Board member: Bill Albert was an active participant in the 50th Anniversary Committee, organized the first official event in December 2014, and has assumed responsibilities for a number of other events with new and interesting ideas. Bill has participated in RDB Day for many years with his booth of stereographic equipment and will be scheduled to give a program about it in 2015.

Board member: Mary Ann Parker, is a long time member. She was instrumental in the purchase and restoration of our first museum, the 1838 Robbins House, and is still the curator. She began the society's "Lost Arts" event for Roche de Boeuf Day, now called “Pioneer Arts.” She serves as docent on RDB Day and during museum open houses.

 New Board members to fill open two year positions: 

Jim Ammon

Jim Ammon became a member of the Historical Society after taking advantage of the Wakeman Genealogical resources to locate information regarding his great grandparents. He has been an active volunteer and has graciously agreed to serve on the Board of the Waterville Historical Society.

Bob Chapman, an active member, volunteers in restoring building and grounds and assisting in the Wakeman Genealogical Resource Center, has graciously agreed to serve on the Board for 2015.
Bob has served as a docent during open houses and Third Grade visits.

 Standing Committee members, appointed positions:

Verna Rose

Verna Rose, Genealogist has masterminded and organized the Archival Research Center at the Wakeman Building. She has led the search and creation of the WHS website. Verna and her husband John have authored three books on Waterville history. They have volunteered countless hours to staffing the archives and assisting visitors with research.

Phyllis Witzler, Historian faithfully and accurately researches much of the local history collected for the society. She has compiled a book of oral histories of longtime Waterville residents, works on the newsletter and continues to do publicity for events and programs throughout the year. Most recently, she has actively contributed to the website creation.

With Special Thanks

Ann Lotshaw

Norm Witzler, former President and active board member for many years, has recently relinquished his board position.

Ann Lotshaw, former recording secretary, past president and member of the historical society for many years, has resigned the board position for the coming year. Ann has authored two books on Waterville homes and is chairman of the 2015 Christmas Dinner.

Our thanks to Ann and Norm and we wish them well in their future endeavors.  

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