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                         Phyllis Witzler

   Phyllis Witzler a longtime volunteer with the Waterville Historical has decided to retire from her position as the Chair of History & Publicity Committee.  Phyllis has been a volunteer with the Wakeman Archival Center since it opened in 2001 and helped to set up the Archives after WHS bought and restored the Wakeman Building. She has co-authored our recent book called “Waterville.” Phyllis has been a member of the historical society since 1986, has served as president, docent, publicity chairman, and volunteer archivist with the archives. She interviewed and compiled oral histories of many of the local residents of Waterville. These were published in a book called “I Remember When” and she also assisted with our book “Memorial Profiles.” She has written articles for the “Bend of the River” and for the website. Phyllis has taken many photographs to document the history of the society along with volunteers doing work for the society. These were all placed in many notebooks over the years. She also documented the remodeling of all of the museums which will be a great help for future historians.

    Phyllis put together the application for the marker at Pray Park and the sign in front of the Wakeman Hall through the Ohio historical markers program.  The markers commemorate the Miami and Erie Canal, John Pray founder; and the Wakeman Hall and Waterville Historical Society 50th Anniversary. She has been our editor making sure the documentation and punctuation was correct for the articles on the website having been a writer and editor for the Anthony Wayne Standard weekly newspaper in the 1970s. Phyllis was always willing to assist with the latest mystery that a visitor to the archives presented. It has been a joy to work with her at the Archives and she promises to visit often and hopefully will continue to edit our writings.

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