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Dr. Janet Rozick replaced Jamie Ozendine as speaker for the Waterville Historical Society Wednesday evening at Browning Masonic Community. Oxendine had to cancel due to a family emergency, but Rozick very capably took over his topic, "The Battle of Fallen Timbers from the Native American Perspective." After she earned degrees in history from Heidelberg College, BGSU and the University of Toledo, she held academic positions, worked at historical centers and the Metroparks, where she began her research in Native culture and the Battle of Fallen Timbers. At present, she serves as the part-time Executive Director of the Maumee Valley Historical Society and as Associate Professor at American Public University.

Speaking to an overflow crowd, Rozick explained that the Native Americans had gained a lot of confidence after defeating both Generals Harmar and St. Clair and their armies, and thought they could also defeat Anthony Wayne, despite Chief Little Turtle's warning. Rozick said the Americans couldn't believe they had lost the earlier battles to uncivilized "savages."  She also gave the background history of the confederacy of the several tribes. Their support from the English and Spanish faded when wars in Europe required attention. After losing the Battle of Fallen Timbers the tribes signed the Treaty of Greenville which opened the Northwest Territory to American settlement.



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