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Program on Fallen Timbers Battlefield well attended

                              Dave Westrick

Dave Westrick, president of the Fallen Timbers Battlefield Preservation Commission, presented a program to a full house at Browning Community Wednesday evening March 15. There were two battles of Fallen Timbers, he explained, a brief but bloody one in 1794 between Anthony Wayne and his troops against the Native Americans, and a second prolonged and contentious one between those wanting to preserve the battlefield site against developers and politicians. The site was finally opened to the public last fall. The trail through the battlefield is maintained by the Toledo Area Metroparks and begins off Jerome Road in Maumee.

Using powerpoint illustrations, Westrick showed how archeologist Michael Pratt discovered the actual site by finding many artifacts from the battle. It was long thought to have taken place along the floodplain of the Maumee River. An old inaccurate map reinforced the idea. The legend of Turkey Foot Rock has also come into question, Westrick said, but next month's program on April 20 will tell the battle from the Native American perspective, including their beliefs about the rock. Sponsored by the Waterville Historical Society, the free program will again be held at Browning Community at 7 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

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