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The Waterville Historical Society collects, preserves, provides access to, interprets and fosters an appreciation of history that has an impact on the Waterville, Ohio and surrounding area.

Pioneers sighted moving into Waterville area!

Yes, it’s true! Through the darkness and fog of this morning, many early risers spotted familiar 1800s faces, clothing, and tools from yesteryear. Did you see them? They are heading for the S. River Road and South Street area! Someone said they overheard one of them mention some-thing called Roche de Boeuf. (Isn’t that a famous rock at the old Waterville bridge in the Maumee River?)

Roche de Boeuf? Happening Saturday, September 26th?

Could these be the very artisans and re-enactors that will show up at the Robbins House and Sargent House museums and yards on that day? And will some of them perform on the grounds, too? We’d better head on over there and check it out. Follow the 10 AM parade to the end of the route and they will appear waiting to show you what life was like in NW Ohio in the 1800s!

Some of those returnees from 1835 include settlers, Indians, trappers, people who did just about everything for themselves from farming and eating their own food to sewing their own clothes from animal skins, building their houses from logs they cut from trees, and so much more.

                    Areas to visit around our historic campus:                                                         

         Historic building tours (Robbins, Sargent, Cobbler houses)
          Beautiful Opel Witte garden
          Books and displays by the Waterville Historical Society folks
          Attic Treasures (some antiques)
          Chinese raffle (your tickets go toward the items you wish to win)

Kids’ activities:  Coloring table—all completed pictures will displayed; Indian rubbings, also done @ tables;
Indian face painting done by HS art students; old fashioned kids’ games and other interactive experiences

          Old-fashioned ice cream available
          Folk art photo op             

All other ghosts from the past will be around all day from 9 AM till 4 PM just waiting for you to try your hand at shelling corn, punching tin, seeing how butter was made, and even watching ashes and lye boil to make…SOAP??? Some of them may even allow you to purchase what they have made!

P.O. Box 263,  Waterville, OH  43566            whs43566@outlook.com

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